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Information on ticket types

At the moment there are 4 types of tickets on sale:

- Opening day
The ticket gives the access to the opening concert and a series of pre-parties, as well as a guaranteed participation at the events of the educational program (via pre-registration). All the information about pre-party venues, artists and participants of the educational program will be available later.

- Main day
The ticket gives the access to the main event of the festival program.

- 3 days pass
The ticket gives the access to all the events of the first two festival days, as well as to the official afterparty, which will be held on Sunday, July 29. The line-up will be announced later.

- Group ticket
The ticket gives the access to all the festival events for all days for 4 persons.

* When purchasing tickets for Opening and Main day separately, you automatically get access to afterparty. Therefore the combination of these tickets is equal to a 3 days pass.


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The Present Perfect Festival is a festival of electronic music and contemporary art which is going to occur for the fourth time in Saint Petersburg on July 27-29. The schedule is traditionally tight – this year the event will be held in the format of a very intense weekend full of various activities: parties, concerts, educational sessions and the main 15-hour musical event during which the world-famous artists will perform.

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Tips on Russia

We are proud to say that apart from participating in a significant music event and witness its massive scale, Present Perfect Festival gives a unique chance to visit Here the most beautiful city of Russia for cheap.

Here what you got to know if interested!

Yes, you’ll need the Russian visa

It’s not that complicated though and really worth this.

To travel to Russia, foreign citizens (except for countries with which Russia has visa-free entry agreements) must obtain a visa corresponding to the purpose of the trip. The type of visa suitable for attending the festival and exploring Saint Petersburg is tourist visa.

To apply for a visa you will need a so-called invitation. Most hotels and hostels provide their guests with these invitations (you better ask if the chosen accommodation goes with this kind of confirmation before booking. Pretty much all the personnel of housing services in Saint Petersburg is tourist friendly and speaks english. We love our guests).

In case you plan to stay with your friends or at some apartment rented via Airbnb, you better apply for the invitation service to travel agencies. Just google “tourist invitation Russia”. So you are a click away from all the info needed about the documents, registration procedure and costs (sometimes the price varies from one applying country to another a bit: for EU citizens the cost of a non-urgent tourist visa will be within 60-70 euros including service fee; invitation costs another 10-20 euros). For your convenience we present some links to learn more about the peculiarities for the following countries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, USA.

How to get to Saint Petersburg?

By ferry

Apart from being pleasant experience sea travels have a significant advantage. For passengers of ferries and cruise liners arriving to the port of Saint Petersburg by sea, there are no visa formalities up to 72 hours of stay. Check out the procedure of applying for a visa-free regime on the website of the ferry operator.

You can get to Saint Petersburg by ferry from Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm. The trip from Helsinki will be especially convenient: the ferry arrives in the morning of the first day of the festival (Friday 27 July) and departs in the evening of the last day (Sunday 29 July). Prices and other useful information can be found on the website of the ferry operator St.Peter Line. Other cruise companies can be found here.

By plane

Pulkovo airport has well-established air service to most major cities in Europe, Asia and America. There are direct flights to Saint Petersburg from Berlin, Cologne, Paris, London, Prague, Tel Aviv, Helsinki, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Rome and many more. You can check fligths and prices at any flight aggregator website.

By train

Saint Petersburg is directly connected with Helsinki (travel time 3.5 hours), Tallinn (7 hours), Riga (16 hours). Check train schedules, fares and buy tickets on the website of the Russian Railways and the Finnish Railways. Please note - early booking will allow you to significantly cut the costs.

By bus

There are direct bus routes connecting Saint Petersburg with Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga. Schedule and cost should be confirmed on the web-site of the bus company Lux Express.

The distance between St. Petersburg and Tallinn - 300 km, St. Petersburg and Helsinki - 300 km, St. Petersburg and Warsaw - 600 km, St. Petersburg and Berlin - 1300 km. Check the procedure of crossing the Russian border by car (here link).


Booking accommodation in St. Petersburg will not be a problem for travelers with minimal experience of independent travel: huge range of hotels and hostels of the northern russian capital can be checked on the largest and worldwide known sources - booking.com, hotels.com, hostelworld.com and many others. Many hotels and hostels offer processing of visa invitations for their guests - please confirm this opportunity before booking. A wide selection of private apartments and rooms is presented on Airbnb.com. Please note that summer is a high season in St. Petersburg, book your accommodation in advance to get a wider choice and better prices.

Getting around in Saint Petersburg

Public transportation. Metro, buses, trolleybuses, trams and taxis allow you to inexpensive (one trip costs about 0.60 euros) and quickly move around the city. Google Maps provides accurate directions and up to date information. A convenient way to pay all the types of public transport is to use a pre-paid card “Podorozhnik”.

Taxi. Inexpensive and convenient way to move around the city. International taxi aggregators such as Uber, Gettaxi and their Russian equivalent, Yandex.Taxi offers attractive fares (from 2 euros per trip; a trip from the city center (Vosstaniya square) to the festival site will cost you 5-10 euros depending on the app you prefer and the time of the trip), transparent conditions of transportation and the possibility to order taxi even without knowledge of the Russian language. Rent a car. International operators of the car rental market are widely represented in St. Petersburg. You can order a car and its “delivery” to the address or get it on arrival at the Pulkovo airport.

Please note that finding a car Park in the city centre may not be an easy task, and road traffic is tougher and more stressful than in European cities (but still far from chaotic Asian traffic).

Day 1 Opening Events

Friday, the 27th of July. The first day of the Present Perfect Festival. The program consists of three blocks: a rich educational session with the participation of music industry professionals, artists and art activists from different countries. The opening concert will take place in the Sevkabel port, that’s where two musical legends of the world scale will perform – for the first time in Russia - Roy Ayers and Larry heart from the US. There are three pre-parties in the key night clubs of the city scheduled.

Day 2 Main Event

The main part of the program is on the day two. On the territory of a former cable factory (currently a cultural cluster the Sevkabel port) there will be 5 scenes functioning simultaneously and the opportunity to enjoy all the beauties of the Vasilievsky island harbor. During this 15 hour event more than 50 artists from all over the world will.

Day 3 Afterparty

The final chord of the festival is a traditional afterparty with a secret line-up from the headliners of the festival. Starting on 5 p.m. and ending late at night the artists will be bidding the guests farewell leaving them wanting more until next summer. As always, this is going to be the most touching part of the festival.

Ticket sale
includes afterparty


This year, all the scenes of the festival will be located on the territory of the Sevkabel port, right where The Neva river flows into the Finnish Gulf. Authentic and freshly renovated territory of the first cable factory in Russia, located in the South-West of the Vasilievsky island, is an ideal site with the best picturesque view. It also has a perfectly equipped embankment, from which the guests can admire the ships passing by and the urban architecture of the Western high-speed diameter.

The new PPF location opens up enormous opportunities. The territory expansion will be an impulse for reconsidering the festival's map. The festival organizers are making a kind of fresh start switching from habitual environment of the "Museum of street art". The Present Perfect team is taking this opportunity to create its own, even more impressive infrastructure of the event and to fully use the huge potential of a new location.

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